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Drones For Good Finalists Announced

The 2017 UAE Drones For Good Award finalists have been announced. The finals will be held at Dubai Internet City on 17-18 February 2017.

There are 10 finalists for the National competition (with prize money of AED 1 million) and 10 finalists for the International competition (prize money of US$ 1 million).

In the international competition, the finalists are:

Avy Rescue (a tiltrotor style drone for patrolling sea areas for refugee boats),

BioCarbon Engineering (an autonomous aerial planting system to enable industrial scale reforestation),

Drones 4Right2life (a sytem using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), cooperatively aiding a rescue autonomous surface vessel (ASV) to aid refugees at sea),

Skycart (a fully automated drone delivery service),

Mine Kafon (an airborne demining system developed to clear all land mines around the world),

Nokia Saving Lives (Using drones to provide an instant communication service allowing uninterrupted rescue work after a disaster),

SpiderDrone (a drone designed for use in the construction industry that tethers itself to structures for stability in strong winds),

Twingtec (a tethered wing system for producing wind energy),

USARDrone - 4FrontRobotics (a scalable twin shrouded-propeller VTOL UAV for operations in highly confined, structured or unstructured, environments, at low altitudes, or in close proximity to infrastructure),

WINGCOPTER - The Future of Search and Rescue (a tiltrotor style hybrid UAV).

In the UAE national competition, the finalists are:

4M Aerial - super fast drone (high speed emergency response drone),

Drones for Search and Rescue (a system that uses UAVs to triangulate radio signals from personnel devices like mobile phone after a major disaster),

FINDER Drone (a human detection system built to identify human heartbeats and breathing rates and assist in locating individuals after major disasters),

FIREFLY (AutoNomous AI Computer Vision Drone For Rapid Evacuation of buildings),

IntelliDrones (Intelligent Drone Fleet Management with AutoNomous Inductive charging)

East Hawk (Multi-perspective Constant Aerial Surveillance Tethered Drone),

Customizable Drones (Parking Operator and Traffic Control Drone for High Temp Countries),

Sa3ed (a fire-grenade launching drone system (fire-grenades put out fires by removing oxygen from the area)),

Sanad Smart Ring (a life-saving ring / UAV hybrid !!),

IORTA : Smart Oil-Spill Solution Using Drones (a system aimed at reducing the damage to marine ecosystems after an oil spill has occurred)

There are some incredibly good ideas this year, especially among the UAE national entries. A fire-grenade launching drone and a flying life preserver !!! Lateral thinking brilliance ...

Click here to view more details about the finalists

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